Michael Owen voices his thoughts concerning England and Northern Ireland

The 2016 Euro’s has kicked off in full force and Michael Owen expressed his opinion in relation to the English national side and Northern Ireland.

According to the former Manchester United player, Northern Ireland will finish at the bottom of their group as they just don’t have what it takes to snatch good results.

Northern Ireland is competing in Group C along with Ukraine, Germany and Poland. The Irish outfit has played 2 matches and sustained 1 while also securing 1 victory. They are going through a better campaign than Ukraine which has suffered 2 successive defeats from their opening matches.

Michael Owen made a prediction about Group C and he stated that Germany along with Ukraine would snatch the top 2 spots and progress to the next rounds but so far, his predictions have not been going on as Owen had initially forecasted. Ukraine are struggling just to snatch a single victory and Northern Ireland along with Poland are contending for the 2nd qualifying spot.

Twitter users responded to the prediction of Michael Owen by saying: "if your prediction is anything like your commentating, then Northern Ireland will be ok.”

The former player of Manchester United also expressed his thoughts in relation to the English national side and Owen suggested that they should play without fear as Owen told the media:

"There's been a fear over the years because we all see someone missing a penalty or someone getting sent off and costing the team. The whole country then almost gangs up on that player. There's a fear amongst the squad or there certainly was in my time whereby you just didn't want to be that person everybody castigates, gets vilified, and you're the one that misses a penalty and they make a pizza advert about you."