Carlos Vela played after 3 Years at International Stage

Carlos Vela turned up for his national side Mexico the other day in the game versus Netherlands and found the back of the net a couple of times for the El Tri to help them win by 3-2.

It was Vela’s first game at the international stage in the last 3 years. The Mexican association had been trying to get him in the thick of things for a long time, but, he was not interested.

The striker had even been selected in the World Cup team of Mexico, but, he withdrew his name. If he had been there in Brazil, who knows where Mexico might have finished?
Now, after remaining away, Vela has come back all of a sudden. The Mexican fans are obviously very happy to have a class player in.

But, the question is- should the Mexico management try and build a team around Vela? Is there a guarantee that he is going to be available for El Tri continuously from here onwards?

It’s not about his age and fitness. It’s about his commitment. Vela has shown in the past that he doesn’t care much about his international career. So, he might get himself aside from international football again in future and if he does so close to the next World Cup, that would surely disturb the balance of the Mexican side and it would also distract the other players in the squad.

There is no doubt that out of all the young strikers that Mexico has produced in the last decade, Vela is probably the best and Mexico will only get strengthened in his presence, but, is his attitude right? Is he committed enough?

As far as Vela’s international stats are concerned, the 25-year old has played 36 games so far and has scored 11 times.