We're Not Official

Every week we get inundated with questions on our facebook, twitter and email, asking for signed stuff, or for Michael Owen to turn up at their husband's 40th birthday, etc. And every week we basically send a 'we're not the official Michael Owen site' response back.. until now! From now on, I'm afraid we won't be getting back to anyone who has requests - sorry!

In case you couldn't guess, we are NOT the official site of Michael Owen - there isn't one but you can try getting him on twitter @themichaelowen.

If you want to actually get in touch with us, then the best method is to email us - mxz.mckay @ gmail.com

We're just a bunch of sadly deluded fans (well some of us are! Ed) who love Michael for all he did for both Liverpool and England (let's not mention where he finished up his career - he must have been desperate!)

We've loved him since even before he scored THAT goal against Argentina, and he will always be a hero to us!