The former England defender, Jamie Carragher, reckons that the chances of Chelsea going to claim the Premier League title again seem to be absolutely zero at this stage and rather than aiming for the title, the Blues should now be looking to try and make sure they don’t end up finishing the season outside top 4.

Chelsea slipped down to no. 16 in points table last weekend after suffering another defeat, at the hands of Southampton this time around. It was the fourth time that the reigning champions lost in the top tier in the ongoing season. However, some have still not counted them out of the title race considering the quality that is there in their squad.

But, in Carragher’s view, now, it’s extremely difficult for Chelsea to get into a position from where they can challenge for the title.

Speaking as an expert on a Television channel earlier today, the 37-year old said, “As things stand currently, it’s more about top 4 for Chelsea than the title. Manchester City had been lacking that hunger when they started last summer and they took quite a bit of flak for that, but, I would say it was not as bad as this Chelsea situation.”

“This is ridiculously horrible from a team which absolutely dominated everyone just months ago. I can’t remember any defending champions to be playing in such a manner. I wouldn't even stick a Ladbrokes bonus bet on them winning the league - not even a freebie!”

“It’s actually the attitude of the team which should be concerning Jose the most. In the past, we have seen how his players have been ready to put their body on the line and win games for the manager. I don’t think it’s happening anymore.”

It’s going to be Aston Villa next for Chelsea on 17th of October. They will be playing that game at home.