Michael Owen is certain that Sterling is a better player than Ozil

It’s almost been 2 years since Michael Owen confirmed his desire to hang up his boots and initiate a career outside of the outside of the pitch as a television pundit where he gives news concerning events in the world of football as well as express his opinions.

Michael Owen is someone who isn’t afraid to express his ideas and points of view. One of the latest opinions that the Englishman has revealed to the public is that he believes that Raheem Sterling is a better player than MesutOzil.

Arsenal is experiencing a much better season than Liverpool and MesutOzil can be credited in a small part for this. The German midfielder has been one of the standout players of Arsene Wenger from these past few weeks meanwhile Raheem Sterling is struggling to make an impact at Anfield.

However, it is very difficult to make comparisons between a player who is 26 years old and someone who is just starting his career at the young age of 20. MesutOzil has much more experience as he has played with some of the biggest clubs and players in Europe as well as also being able to lift the World Cup title in 2014.

Sterling on the other hand has not had such an impressive career but at the age of 20, there is plenty of time for the youngster to secure major titles. Sterling is one of the players who is expected to guide the England national football team to success and restore their glory days.

The Jamaican born footballer has displayed flashes of brilliance on a number of occasions but not consistently and at the moment, MesutOzil has achieved much more than Sterling. Even though Sterling has a bright and promising future ahead of him, Ozil at the moment is a better player.

Michael Owen needs a real reason to prove and backup his claim of why Sterling is superior to Ozil and the retired footballer has not managed to do that.