Arsenal’s brilliant start of this season has allowed them to be on the top of the Premier League having won 16 out of the 22 matches played so far in this campaign. The side of Arsene Wenger has taken everyone by storm as they have claimed impressive victories against just about every other team in the top tier league in England.

Despite all of the success that Arsenal has made it has not impressed Michael Owen as he has predicted that Arsenal will finish this campaign in 5th place and the former Real Madrid player tweeted out that Chelsea is his favorite team on winning the Premier League this time around.

Michael Owen tweeted: For me, Manchester City are the best team in the league but I'm still sticking with Chelsea to win it. Best team don't always win it!

Even though Michael Owen made his retirement from playing professional football over 6 months ago, he still expresses his opinions about the clubs he has performed in as well as many others in the Premier League.

The Englishman also went out to talk about the current situation that Manchester United and David Moyes are going through as he stated that the new Scottish coach is under a lot of pressure in every single match and it wouldn’t be the same if he coached a team such as West Ham instead of Manchester United.

‘’Eyes are on everyone all the time. That rule may not apply to West Ham, say, another club whose manager is in the spotlight, where the players can get away with having more bad games than you could at United. You play badly once at United and it goes in the notebook’’.

‘’I think Moyes is in place for the long term, despite the present difficulties. If the players see it that way, then logically they will be playing for their own places. There is only one way to go after United, and it is down. They know Moyes could have only one reaction to a bad season and that is bringing in new faces to make it his team. There will be casualties’’. Owen stated.