Owen: Cavani is World Beater

The former star of England national football team Michel Owen has got positive signs from the type of game new signing Edinson Cavani displayed. He believes that Cavani is going to be the star of the club and will score goals for the club to bring victories.

Though the Uruguayan couldn’t help his team to win the match against Chelsea and produced a 0-0 draw for the team, his inclusion gave the team some positive vibes which the former Manchester United star noticed very well.

Cavani was introduced to the field in the match against Chelsea at the 58th minute and he showed some brilliant display of skills for his team. He came very close to score the winning goal for his team as his touch to a low free-kick passed the front post marginally. As soon as he came on, he actually became the most likely player to score, with my betting sites showing that he was just under evens at most bookmakers to score the next goal.

Another effort of a similar kind was blocked by the Brazilian Thiago Silva who was his former teammate at Paris Saint-Germain. This made Michel Owen comment that Cavani is going to score lots of goals for the team and will make them proud.

Owen also added that he sees some glimpse of himself in Cavani as most of his moves are intelligent and can fool the defenders in the 6 yards box. This was not the full show from Cavani but only a trailer from him. He will get more chances and time to play for the team and to score goals. He is very dangerous in the 18 yards box and is a very positive striker.

The experts think if Owen has seen potential in Cavani then he isn’t wrong at all, though other's haven't been so forthcoming in their praise. His eyes can’t get fooled as he played plenty of matches for England in different age groups. Along with that Michel Owen also played more than 360 matches for the elite clubs of England.