Michael Owen played the last match of his professional career on May of 2013 when wearing the Stoke City jersey against Southampton. The 34 years old former player still remains up to date in the world of soccer as he recently made a prediction of Chelsea defeating Arsenal and indeed he was right as Jose Mourinho and his men rampaged through Arsene Wenger’s squad with a convincing 6-0 triumph.

He also had some things to say as he said that every-time a club faces a fairly disappointing defeat, there is always someone to blame. This is what Owen said after listening to the complaints that Van Persie released some weeks ago after Manchester United lost 2-0 against Olympiakos during the 1st leg of their Champions League match.

“Footballers, essentially, are like sheep. When you are winning games and part of a successful side, everything is hunky-dory. Start losing games and the story changes. There is no excuse a player will not willingly hide behind’’.

“That is when the whispers start. There is always someone to blame.” Owen said.

During the 2nd leg of the Champions League match between Manchester United and Olympiakos, Van Persie was the savior for David Moyes as he stepped it up and scored 3 goals which was just enough for the Premier League club on advancing through the next round of the European tournament which is good news for Moyes who would probably have been sacked if he wasn’t able to defeat Olympiakos.

Now that Michael Owen is retired, he is focusing on a horse racing business which he started not too long ago and the former United player compared the horse racing with soccer in which he stated that when playing in the field even if you are part of an 11 man team, your fate still is in your own hands but as a racehorse owner, your failure or success you have less control over it.