Andy Townsend is also of the opinion that it’s the lack of speed in the Red Devils’ line up which is responsible for Wayne Rooney not having proved to be as productive in the ongoing season as he usually is.

Wayne Rooney

Rooney has not found back of the net that fluently of late, and on some of the live odds markets like StanJames punters have been able to get as high as 10/1 on him being the next goalscorer!?

You would not like to be too critical of him if you see his overall numbers. Seven goals in 19 games is not that bad a stat to have after all, but, the point to consider is that four out of those seven goals have come in Europe, while, one has come in the Cup which means that he has struck a couple of times only in the Premier League so far and we are already approaching the end of the first half of the season.

When the captain goes through such a phase, it’s not easy for a team to get its act together. United, however, has not lost the plot as they have kept themselves in top 3 with some consistent performances, but, they are not looking as stingy as they would have if Rooney had been at his goals coring best.

According to Townsend though, United lacks speed and that’s where the real problem lies.
In the words of the TV pundit who played 70 International games for Republic of Ireland, “They are suffering because of not having sufficient speed.”

“Anthony Martial has come in and he’s somebody whom you can say is genuinely fast, but, you can’t expect a 20-year old to just start running through the sides in his debut season in the Premier League.”

“Depay could have made a difference, but, he is clearly not willing to move much. He is looking for easy ways. I think the fact that United’s speed is one notch below where it should be; it’s obstructing Wayne Rooney from scoring in bulk.”